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Meet the First nationwide food delivery service in Mauritius

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OrderManzer is the simplest and easiest way to order takeaways in Mauritius and we operate a leading delivery service across the country for online food delivery, on a wide range of restaurants offering a diverse choice of cuisines.

For the past few years, OrderManzer has become a household name among food lovers in our paradise island and to us, it is more than just bringing your food from your favorite restaurants, it’s about striving to offer you the best service possible. 

Our team of professional delivery drivers ensure that your delivery is on time and to you, restaurant owners, we take extra care to understand your customers’ needs to help you become more successful. 

OrderManzer’s customers are offered a swift and easy way to order their food and either pay online, or through Cash on Delivery. 

Above all, we don’t only stop at food, we’ve made it our mission to ease the way of life of our customers by expanding our range of deliveries. 

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